Total Lockout (Safety) Ltd introduce a range of car seal devices for sealing valves in the open, closed or mid positions.

Car seals are a simple device used to lock or 'seal' a valve in the open or closed position to prevent unauthorized operation of the valve.

Valve operation can only take place by cutting the seal, thereby giving evidence of either tampering, or activity by an authorized worker.

Car Seals are available in a choice of colors to suit your operational needs.

red car seal, green car seal, blue car seal, black car seal

You can now buy cable car seals in packs of 50 or 100 pieces. Pay in US Dollars ($) or Pounds Sterling (£).

Car Seals for Ball Valves...

car seal on ball valve

For ball valves, the car seal must pass around the valve lever and a suitable fixed anchor point. This can be the valve topworks, valve body or nearby steel work. You can even anchor the seal cable on an adjacent valve.

Car Seals for Gate Valves....

car seal on a gate valve

For gate valves the valve bonnet is a suitable anchor point. The cable can then pass around the rim or spoke of the valve.

valve car seal piping diagram
How to create a Car Seal Program.

A car seal program should contain the following elements as a minimum.

  • A schedule of valves designated 'safety critical'
  • their safe positions i.e. open or closed.
  • A clear description of their location so that the reader of the schedule can locate the valve.
  • A car seal device, as found here on this site. The seal can be a steel cable strand device but plastic ties are also acceptable.

Color coding of seals and tags is recommended to identify the valve safe position, e.g green for open and red for closed. Other seal colors can be designated to indicate the medium flowing through the valve.