Car Seals now have stainless steel cable as standard

Car Seals now have stainless steel cable as standard

Our best selling car seal for locking and sealing process valves are now supplied with 304 stainless steel cable as standard. Industry feedback has shown an increase demand for this higher specification of material to increase product durability in offshore and other marine applications and locations.

As of January 2019 we still hold some stock of the galvanized steel cable car seals but these will soon be exhausted and the stainless version will be standard supply.

The material certificate for the new seals cable can be downloaded here.

Best of all, there has been no price increase affected by this improved specification car seal. In fact, customers buying in US Dollars can benefit from a 10% reduction in list price.

Car Seals are a one-time-use cable locking device used for sealing valve wheels and wrenches to prevent inadvertent operation or tampering. When operation demands that a valve be opened or closed, the car seal is removed by cutting the cable and discarding.

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