Why are there different coloured car seals?

Why are there different coloured car seals?

Is there a meaning behind the colouring of plastic and steel cable car seals from Total Lockout?

Car Seal for locking (sealing) valves in the open, closed and mid positions are currently available in colours red, blue, green, orange, black, and yellow/gold.

Often, we are asked by customers what a particular car seal colour means.

The colour of the car seal has no significance or meaning to the car seal function. We offer a variety of coloured car seals so our customers have a wide choice, this is particularly for larger sites with numerous valves where each colour car seal can represent something different.

Many sites adopt a system where green car seals indicate the is valve open and red car seals indicate the valve is closed. This however, is not a requirement.

In summary, car seal colours can mean whatever you require them to mean. It may be useful to use car seal tags in conjunction with car seals to further indicate the status of the valve to all other workers. We are able to make bespoke tags to suit all requirements.