Car Seal Cable Length is too long

Car Seal Cable Length is too long

The car seal cable length is too long. Can you supply me a shorter length?

We get asked this a lot. The short answer is, yes we can supply car seals for locking valves in any length. However, as they’re made to order, you can often wait 4-6 weeks and, naturally the price increases because often the quantity required is much less.

But there is another way. It’s easy enough to shorten the cable length but it’s important that you do this after the cable has been applied to the valve. This is because when you cut the cable, the ends fray out, making it impossible to thread the end through the hole in the car seal body. See photo.

Frayed Cable

Or if you prefer not to cut the cable, simply tie the surplus cable in loose knot loops, like in the photo.

Car Seal Cable

Car Seals are widely used in process industries to lock (seal) valves in the open or closed position. They are a low cost means to effectively prevent inadvertent or accidental operation of critical process valves. When used as part of a car seal program you can record the status of valves throughout your plant. When it’s time to operate the valve, just cut the cable and discard the seal. The materials of construction are fully recyclable.

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