Pack of 10 Car Seals & Tags


Pack of 10 Car Seals 1000mm x 2.5mm and 10 Tags.

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Product Description

Car Seals are used for locking (sealing) a valve in the open or closed position. Often used for long term sealing of valves, e.g. PSV block valves and sprinkler systems.

Once applied to the valve, the valve cannot be operated. To remove the seal the cable must be cut with wire cutters, thereby destroying the seal.

Pack of 10 car seals & tags available in Red & Green

  • Seals have an aluminium body with galvanised steel, multi-strand cable.
  • Included 10 ‘Valve Open’ (Green) or Valve Closed’ (Red) Tag
  • If you need a shorter cable, just cut the cable once it’s fitted on the valve.
  • Where aluminium cannot be used, we also offer a stainless steel version. Click here to view our stainless steel car seal.

If you require a large quantity of car seals, please send your inquiry to sales@totallockout.com and we will reply with a quotation including firm carriage charges.

Additional information

Weight0.425 kg
Dimensions13 × 18 × 7 cm

Green, Red